Call me Miss Marple

Call me Miss Marple. The reason I say this because I managed to reunite a man with the keys I found in a nearby street.

How did you do that I hear you ask?

The first thing I noticed about the keys was they had the same key ring as my own. Therefore I assumed it must belong to someone in the same building. I was able to confirm this when the fob opened the external door.

Although this got me a little closer to cracking the case, I still had a little way to go.

Some of you may have spotted that I’m using the plural ‘keys’. There was in fact two keys on the key ring, the door key and the key to the mailbox. A little bit like in Cinderella and the shoe, all I had to do was match the key with the mailbox and I would have the flat number the keys belonged to.

Three minutes of key turning later I had my owner and was able to return them. I have to be honest and say the owner seemed somewhat underwhelmed by my detective work even after I explained my process. His underwhelmness may have been due to him having  just woken up, unless he usually answers the door in a state of undress.

For my next case I will be looking into the links between the Trump administration and Russia.


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