Why I’m confused by breasts

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve been thinking about breasts these last few days. When I say breasts, I mean women’s breasts.

I started thinking of breasts on Sunday, when I saw a tweet from a The Sun newspaper saying Bruce Grobbelaar’s daughter was stripping, via a webcam for a £3 per min site.  For those who don’t know, Bruce Grobbelaar was a former Liverpool goalkeeper.

Purely for research purposes I clicked on the link, and there was the story. The paper described her as a ‘seedy webcam model’. This did strike me as a somewhat hypocritical as The Sun is one of two newspapers that continue to have Page 3 models. The other being the Daily Star, but that doesn’t count as it’s not a proper newspaper.

Then on Sunday, ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ and I watched Graham Norton, where the music was provided by Robin Thicke. His song Blurred Lines is currently at No 1 in the charts, partly because it’s a catchy tune, but also on the back of its video, which has received a lot of hype mainly because it features a conveyor belt of attractive, young women, topless.

Purely for research, I checked out the video on the internet, this time being monitored by ‘HWOPJ’ who was in control of the mouse. Once she felt we had seen enough, she turned it off. We saw enough to realise it was essentially Robin Thicke and a conveyor belt of attractive, young women, topless.

This video has had gazillions of hits in no time and appears to be seen as some kind of genius marketing plan. I would argue that if you put out a video featuring attractive young women, semi naked, people will click on it. That and cats doing funny things. If you put out a video of an attractive young semi naked woman, with a cat doing something funny, I think it would break the internet.

So all this has left me a little confused. If I have this correct, women baring breasts in a million pound pop music video is acceptable but a woman doing it on a webcam is not. Especially if it is the daughter of a former professional footballer.

Ps. Feel free to let me know if  your partner determines how long is acceptable for you to view breasts?

Til next time, stay safe!



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