Who do you share your birthday with?

Hola. Hope you are well.

A friend of mine shares her birthday with the Queen.

Another friend shares his with Bob Dylan.

My sister used to share hers with Nelson Mandela.

I share mine with Ian Rush (former Liverpool striker), Dannii Minogue and Shane Ward’s mum Philomena.

Feel free to let me know who you share your birthday with. You can contact me via the comments button or on Twitter @anunknowncomic

*For those unsure who Shayne Ward is, nevermind his mum, he won the second series of The X Factor and should not be confused with Shane Warne the former Aussie cricketer.

Til next time, stay safe!



2 thoughts on “Who do you share your birthday with?

  1. I’m impressed you have an 86-year old woman as a friend. Especially if she’s not a relative. Or can the birthday-sharing exercise extend to any year as long as the date is the same ? Would never want pedantry to go out of fashion (unlike skinny jeans on men over 40). Ian Curtis . Will that do ? NOT ACTUAL DAY ! NOT ACTUAL DAY !

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